Glen Summer Fun Fair – your opportunity to connect with your wonderful community


Posted by Social | Posted in Events, Glen Fair | Posted on 26-04-2011

The Fair on Sunday June 12 has openings –  let’s not have the “Oldtimers” do everything all the time.  Do you like people, are organized? That is all it takes.

Food Coordinator (you don’t actually have to cook, just coordinate volunteers) and Set-Up/Clean-Up Boss (everybody will chip in!). call or email me – Elke, 818.448-0277  The food coordinator arranges for people to call for contributions, arranges for things that get bought to be purchased, schedules the volunteers for the day. The Set-up/Clean-up Boss coordinates the volunteers and pick-ups (all are available) to bring the various elements to the yard, set them up and take ’em back afterwards.

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