405 Improvements Power Point Document


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Hello Neighbors!

I have received a very large power point presentation from Metro that updates the community on the improvements to the 405.  It’s 62 pages total and I was not able to post the whole thing here.  If you are interested in the whole document (10 MB), please e-mail traffic@beverlyglen.org and I’ll send it to you.

The improvements to the Sunset Bridge, including information about the closure of Sunset Blvd. are included in the three segments attached below.

If you have any questions, you can contact Metro’s community relations person for this segment, Olga Arroyo – her e-mail is arroyoo@metro.net (not a typo, there are 2 o’s at the end of her e-mail address).

Here’s the Sunset Bridge portion of the presentation – I had to break it down into three segments to get it posted here.  Closure information (between Sept. 30 and October 15) is listed in the final document (“sunset c”).

sunset a

sunset b

sunset c


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