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Apparently LA DWP has decided do close Beverly Glen again, without notice to us or our Councilman’s office.  They expect to be done soon but who knows, so plan accordingly and stay tuned.

This time though, we can’t stay quiet, we ask all residents to call the following numbers and let DWP know how much of an inconvenience this is to our community.  We know we may need Beverly Glen shut down to repair the road but let us know so we can let you all know so you can plan accordingly and for decency’s sake, not on a Friday!

All residents, call:

213.367.1063 – We think this is the Head of Water Service Division’s Office, Joe Castaranto (sp?), also call
1-800-DIAL-DWP, Customer Service

We were patient and understanding last time and impressed upon them through our strongest advocate, our Councilman’s office, to coordinate with us so we can get the word out.  This time, they need to hear from us.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more as well.

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The closure was just great for residents! They were letting only residents through the repair area, and I was able to breeze through the canyon this morning. So I have no complaints to the DWP.

True but our concern is when people start coming up or down BG and it makes it impossible for residents to go through.

Called the DWP at 12:15 today 3/2/12. The very helpful and pleasant operator took 20 minutes, and calls to several different sources, to accumulate information that the repair to Beverly Glen was almost completed.

The communcation is non-existant between city repair and emergency services, DWP, Highway Patrol, Fire Department, etc. and must be changed before we experience a larger disater.

I too am glad the work is getting done and do not find it inconvenient—-have never had a problem getting in or out if need be; love the short periods of quiet when the street is shut; and am glad every time a commuter is inconvenienced when using Beverly Glen as an alternative to the 405—–perhaps it causes them to reconsider other routes in the future?

Any updates from ROBG leadership on the permanent repair work/resurfacing project with Bureau of Street Services?

Thank you!

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