LADWP and LAFD Attending ROBG Meeting


Posted by ROBGWebsite | Posted in Board Meetings, Community Messages | Posted on 09-03-2012

At the next ROBG meeting, Monday, March 12, 7:30pm, LDRCC, 10409 Scenario Lane, LADWP, LAFD and Council office will send representatives to discuss the following:

  • Road repair on Beverly Glen for water break,
  • Tree canopy clearance on Beverly Glen.

All residents are welcome to attend, please note that while we want everyone to provide their input, please come with very specific notes and recommendations for LADWP and LAFD so that they can take back good input to their respective agencies.  Although we have issues with how things were dealt in the past, the goal is to show them we can provide valuable input on how they should progress to minimize impact to residents.

Of course we also have a full ROBG agenda as usual so need to make sure we get through those.  Feel free to email your recommendations/input if you cannot attend or look forward to seeing you Monday!

Your ROBG at work!

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