The Garden Walk is tomorrow ! Meet at 10409 Sceanrio Lane at 12:30 for lunch.


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al Glen Garden Walk April 14th

1.       David May at 2519 Perdido Lane

There are approximately 5 acres of orchards, cactus, and lush grounds all at the end of Perdido Lane. David has been a part of the Glen Garden Walk for several years and will provide us with information on the history and development of his labor of love. There will be an opportunity at the end of the presentation totake a 30 minute round trip hike up to the ridge that overlooks Stone Canyon Reservoir. David has kindly requested that cars are parked on Beverly Glen Blvd or Lower Perdido Lane

2.       Mary Morlas at 10211 Seabury Lane

An English country enchanted garden awaits on Seabury Lane. This property boasts multiple ponds, azaleas, camellias, wisteria, lavender, roses and a storybook bridge. There are even a few deer and a duck enjoying the landscaping. This piece of paradise is to be enjoyed and not missed.


3.       Deralee Scanlon at 1818 N Beverly Glen Blvd

Deralee has had a busy year replanting her backyard to be showcased in the Glen Garden Walk. There are a variety of interesting plants from Grevillea for hummingbirds, two dwarf purple butterfly bushes, blue hydrangea, Japanese toad lilies, burgundy lace ferns, pink clematis, bearded iris, red & melon colored day lilies, a lilac tree, pink magnolia tree, hillside & creeping lantana, and various fruit trees. Deralee will be offering refreshments in the form of organic carrot, beet, celery, kale & ginger root combination vegetable juices, organic flax crackers and organic Montmorency dried tart cherries that have been sweetened with apple juice.


4.       Eric and Sharalee Flesche at 1665 N Beverly Glen Blvd

This slice of Beverly Glen has been maxed out with beautiful landscaping of assorted styles and colors. Tiers of flowers & greenery excite the eye as you wander through the different levels enjoying the sounds of the waterfalls along the way. Hummus and olive tapenade cups and beverages will be offered.

5.       Barton Phelps  and Karen Simonsen’s Arroyo House at Crater Lane

Wait until you see it now! Barton and Karen’s  Arroyo House now functions as a portal to an expanded holding of two acres where terracing and runoff controls have allowed creation of a sequence of outdoor spaces each supporting specific seasonal use. From the “Landing Pad” at the top to the Citrus Patio below the house, the gardens fall 130 feet. A small vineyard produces Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc grapes for estate bottled winemaking.

Thank you for participating and enjoying all of the nature that The Glen has to offer, Sharalee Flesche, Social Chair.

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