Repair Request Form


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Repair Request Form

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Big pothole outside my driveway . . on Chrysanthemum Lane . . 2020 N Beverly Glen . . Driveway on Chrysanthemum . . thanks . . .

Repair request:

Chrysanthemum Lane, from Beverly Glen Boulevard to at least Calgary Lane.

This lower portion of Chrysanthemum is dangerous with people turning into it from Beverly Glen and out of it to Beverly Glen. Drivers have enough to worry about without having to navigate around potholes and other irregularities.

My neighbor at 909 N. Beverly Glen has ficus trees (hedge) that are completely overgrown and towering above the power lines between our properties. I have called DWP in the past regarding tree trimming, to no avail. It would be most appreciated if a city crew could provide this service to free up the power lines.

Thank you.

Janice Convery
905 N. Beverly Glen Blvd.

Please repair my street, TUPELO LANE. It has been devastated over the last 5 years and is now dangerous to cars and human beings. It has not been repaved or addressed after multiple requests. Do it now, the citizens who live on Tupelo Lane are begging you.

Hebron Lane’s street is a mess! Please fix. Also, if Hebron can get new mail boxes at the end of Hebron, this would be nice. The USPS does NOT bring mail up the Lane. The boxes mostly don’t work and the pkg boxes have no keys.

Thank you, Lynn and Tino Mingori

Chrysanthemum Lane east of Beverly Glen

Keep at DWP, they will eventually get to the call, if no luck after some follow up, email us with reference numbers, unfortunately they are the only ones that can trim if in contact with power lines, tree trimmers will usually not touch it. Sorry for delay, we are volunteers after all.

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