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It’s going to be hot and dry tomorrow!

The City of Los Angeles has declared that Red Flag No Parking Restrictions to be in effect starting 8:00 AM on 5/02/2013 and will remain in effect until further notice.

For additional information please visit the Fire Department’s website at: OR call 3-1-1.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: The Call Centers operating hours are from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM daily including weekends and holidays.



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Please heed the following six simple wind safety tips: 
  1. Report nearby smoke and flames immediately to 9-1-1.
  2. Be watchful of toppling trees and wind-blown debris.
  3. Treat all non-functioning traffic signals as a four way stop.
  4. Minimize the use of candles, lighters, fire pits, barbecues, and spark producing equipment.
  5. Secure household items, such as outdoor furniture.
  6. If you encounter downed wires, assume they are energized & contact 9-1-1



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DWP will be repairing the damage to Beverly Glen done by the water main break at Corfu Lane on February 17th.

DWP will have a crew on Beverly Glen Blvd to repair 380 feet of damaged roadway starting Monday, June 11 from 9am to 3:30pm and then again on Tuesday, June 12 from 9am -3:30pm to complete the work. Work will be conducted on weekdays because DWP has insufficient funds to employ crews to work overtime hours on the weekend. There will be Traffic Officers at the bottom of Beverly Glen on Sunset Blvd and at the top of Beverly Glen at Mulholland Dive.

There will be a complete closure between Crater Lane and Corfu. Residents who live in the immediate vicinity will be flagged through.

Most of you will recall the scene during and immediately following the water main break in February, and have noticed the significant and continued deterioration of the street in the 3 1/2 months since then.

UPDATED: Tree Trimming on Beverly Glen Begins This Week


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Most of the information below is accurate.  Trimming should begin on Thursday, 4/19.  Please abide by the No Parking signs or your car may be towed.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has hired a contractor to trim trees along Beverly Glen.  The scheduled times and a description follows.

Your Traffic Committee Chair has discussed the impact on traffic and LAFD will be asking the contractor to do work on weekends on our side whenever possible, and not to set up in the morning until after 10 am, to avoid disrupting the morning commute.  We believe they will make best efforts to keep traffic flowing when at all possible.

Trimming will be on the weekends starting at Valley Vista on 4/14 and moving up the hill and on week days starting at Parkwood/De Neve Park on 4/16 and moving up the hill.  The Sherman Oaks trimming will be four successive weekends, and Beverly Glen four successive weeks, ending around May 15 (see note above about our having requested weekend trimming if possible).The contractor will keep two lanes of traffic moving whenever possible, but these lanes will be narrowed and the speeds greatly reduced.  When needed, they will stop traffic entirely for up to 3 minutes at a time.  No parking notices will be posted along sections of street before the crews come and although it is a last resort, vehicles will be towed to gain access to trees or to avoid damage to them during trimming.  Morning trimming will be on the east side of the boulevard starting with equipment set-up at 7:00 10:00 am 7:00 am, then switching to the west side.  Work will be done by 2:30 pm each day.  Signs will be placed at Sunset and Mulholland for the duration of the project advising that traffic will be delayed.

The planned segments for work (approx 2 days each) are as follows:

1. Parkwood to Greendale
2. Greendale to Hollybrush
3. Hollybrush to Fernbush
4. Fernbush to Crater
5. Crater to Caribou
6. Caribou to Seabury
7. Seabury to Ravenwood
8. Ravenwood to Nicada
9. Nicada to Beverly Glen Circle
10. Beverly Glen Circle to Mulholland
11. Sunset to Parkwood (fit in as traffic allows)

The trimming will be raising canopy up to 14 feet and in some places bringing the canopy back in places.  There will be lots of raising of small branches and removal of dead wood.  There will also be trimming back of hedges and other thick vegetation that extends into the roadway (e.g., ficus hedges, bamboo, etc.).  The Fire Department has made every effort to accommodate protected tree species (e.g., oaks and sycamores) while cleaning up hazardous situations such as dead wood and peeling bark on eucalyptus trees.  Volunteers from Residents of Beverly Glen have been working very closely with the Brush Clearance Unit to protect our beautiful tree canopy where possible.

For more information about the project, please contact the LAFD Brush Clearance Unit: John Novela, 818-778-4927.

Water Main Break at Corfu Lane – Update


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As an update to the earlier post, according to the Council’s office, DWP estimates repair of the water main to be completed at 10:00pm.

As with all estimates, it is an estimate only, there is a chance of not water overnight, if so, please make alternative plans if you must have water overnight.  DWP is working diligently and our Councilman’s office is applying pressure and monitoring the situation.

There may be a chance of road closures after repair due to road safety so be aware.

We will post updates as they become available, as our Emergency Preparedness chair will tell you, we only have one way in and one way out so be prepared.

Water Main Break at Corfu Lane


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There’s been a water main break at No. Beverly Glen & Corfu Lane.

DWP is already working on this and Councilman Koretz’s office knows about it.  Do not drive south on the Glen if you can avoid it (if you are north of Corfu) and the same goes for North, if you live south of Corfu).  We will do our best to keep you updated on this problem.

IMPORTANT Traffic News for Beverly Glen Residents


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Beverly Glen Residents:

There will be a protest at the Hotel Bel-Air on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th, likely starting at 4 pm, but possibly earlier.  Expect traffic on Sunset between Stone Canyon and Beverly Glen to be more difficult than usual during Friday rush hour.

Here’s the link to additional information from the Bel-Air Association.

Additionally, Beverly Glen will be completely closed between Ventura Blvd and Mulholland Blvd on Saturday, October 15th and Sunday, October 16th from 6 am to 6 pm for resurfacing.  Expect additional delays around Mulholland as people will have to be diverted to the east and west.

Thanks for your patience with these issues.  We will bring you additional information as soon as we access it.

Community Alert


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From our dedicated Senior Lead Officer Chris Ragsdale, stay alert and report anything suspicious to the Watch Commander:

Please click this Community Alert Bulletin with suspect picture.  Distribute to your respective homeowners associations, block clubs, neighborhood watch groups and neighbors.

To sign up for E-Policing, simply go to the link below and enter your home or work address and your email address.  You will receive crime updates and Community Alert information from the Los Angeles Police Department.  You may also view recent crimes that have occurred in the area on the LAPD website.  To receive text alerts when critical information is sent sign up for Nixle.  Feel free to print this out or share this information.  

 Contact me directly should you have any questions or concerns.


 NON-EMERGENCY:  1-877-275-5273

 WATCH COMMANDER:  310-444-0701

 All other City Services:  311

 LAPD Website:

 Crime Statistics and Maps:


Detailed Closure Information for 405 Ramps


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Hello neighbors!

As you know, tonight begins the weekend-long closure of the 405 Freeway between the 10 and the 101.  Below you will find some detailed information about when ramps will close.  The freeway is anticipated to be re-opened by 6 am on Monday.

If you are staying in the Glen, a police and fire command center will be stationed at Fire Station #99 in case of emergencies.  If you  have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.  If you have a non-emergency situation, please dial 877-ASK-LAPD or 3-1-1.

Also if you are staying in the Glen, a suggestion from your friendly Traffic Committee Chair:  get out and WALK!  Be visible.  We will have people driving through who are not used to driving through Beverly Glen.  Let them see people here!  Let them see us with our kids and our dogs, enjoying our community.  Then next time they come through, maybe they will drive courteously because they know that Beverly Glen is a neighborhood and a community.

Here is detailed ramp closure information:

Northbound I-405: 10-mile closure between I-10 and U.S. 101

NB Skirball On Ramp  (7pm)

NB Getty On Ramp (7pm)

NB Santa Monica On Ramp (7pm)

EB Wilshire to NB 405 On Ramp (8pm)

EB 10 to NB 405 Connector Closure (9pm)

NB Sunset On Ramp (8pm)

NB Moraga On Ramp (8pm)

NB Olympic/Pico On Ramp (Cotner) (10pm)

WB Wilshire to NB 405 On Ramp (10pm)

WB 10 to NB 405 Connector Closure (11pm)

NB HOV (carpool lane)  # 1 South of I?10 (10pm)

NB Full Closure at I?10 (12am)

Southbound I-405: 4-mile closure between U.S. 101 and Getty Center Drive Ramps

The following begin at 7pm:

SB Valley Vista On Ramp (7pm)

SB Ventura On Ramp (7pm)

NB 101 to Haskell Ave Off Ramp (8pm)

SB 101 to Haskell Ave Off Ramp (8pm)

NB 101 to SB 405 Connector (10pm)

Ventura Blvd/Sepulveda Blvd/Greenleaf St to NB/SB 101 On Ramp (10pm)

SB 101 to SB 405 Connector (11pm)

Ramps and connectors will be reopened by 6 a.m. on Monday, July 18.

Would You Believe It? More 405 Closure Weekend Info!


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Below is a big long message from Metro, which is coordinating all efforts related to the closure of the 405 this weekend.  You can read the whole schmageggy, but I will summarize it for you here:  There will be extra LAPD and LAFD officers stationed at Fire Station 99, just east of BG at Mulholland.  Apparently 71 (at Sunset) will not have additional staffing.

If you have an EMERGENCY this coming weekend, please dial 9-1-1 as usual.  If you have a non-emergency, you can call 3-1-1 or 877-ASK-LAPD.  There is no special non-emergency number being staffed for this event.  The Metro 405 project hotline mentioned in the blurb below is a voice mail only number – feel free to call and leave a message if you have a question.

The attachment at the bottom is a press release from LA Fire Dept basically gives you a longer version of the above.

Here’s the longer version from an e-mail from Metro’s 405 project manager:

“Some of you requested a special number where you can call to report traffic and other emergencies over the 405 closure weekend.  I’d like to report back that the 405 project team brought your concerns and requests directly to the Unified Command  regarding a special number for emergencies, as it is under their jurisdiction.  The Unified Command gave serious consideration to the requests and in the end based their decisions solely on the safety  and security  of all residents and commuters during the weekend closure.  The Unified Command is doing everything they can to protect the safety of all of the citizens of Los Angeles.

The Unified Command decided not to provide the public a special call to number.  They believe it’s best that  ALL  emergency calls (medical, traffic or other)  should be placed to 911.  911 has special capabilities that a 1-800 # would not.  If a call is dropped, 911 has the ability to trace the call and send responders to that location.   911 automatically records and monitors every call.  911 dispatchers are trained to provide critical pre-arrival instructions, such as CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver.   911  is set up to directly communicate with the Unified Command to alert them to police, medical , fire or traffic related emergencies allowing each agency to respond as necessary.  Some of you have expressed concern that the 911 system can be overloaded.  It has been confirmed that there is no chance of an overload to the system occurring and there will be additional resources staffing 911 over the weekend.

Keep in mind that the Unified Command will have set up 13 satellite divisions throughout the area for the weekend.  These will be fixed posts and will have personnel from police, fire and traffic ready to respond.  The locations of these have not been made public as part of their plan.  However, they will cover areas north, south, east and west of the bridge.

The Unified Command will be located at a central location in the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operation Center (translation from bureaucratese:  in City Hall).  They will have direct contact to emergency responders and also to hundreds of traffic control officers located around the closure and detour areas.  Trained engineers and signal experts will also be on the ground to make changes to signals when necessary.  The Unified Command will also have access to thousands of signal cameras throughout the City which will enable them to make decisions at a moment’s notice.  Technical engineers will also be working at the Caltrans Traffic Management Center monitoring conditions on regional freeways.  It is worthy of noting that there will be regularly scheduled media briefings throughout the weekend and so the public will not be without critical information.  If you are interested in following the details, your best bet for doing so is to follow up us on or tune in to KNX 1070 AM.

For real time traffic conditions, the public is encouraged to call 511 or visit  For City related issues, the public can call 311 .  Extra personnel will be on hand during the weekend closure with extended hours.  311 will be operational from 8:00am to 10:00pm from Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17.  People in the County can call 211.   The 405 project hotline, (213) 922-3665, will also be checked regularly throughout the weekend (again – this is a voice mail number only – no human will pick up at this number).  The hotline will not handle emergency situations or provide directions, but will be made available for other questions and concerns.”

405 Closure Fire Dept. Release 0711