Posted by Editor & Public Communications | Posted in Emergency Preparedness | Posted on 04-12-2009

by Ramin Kolahi

Summer is upon us and with the heat comes fun, great weather and FIRE DANGER! Our canyon is at high risk and if a fire starts in our canyon, it could be quick to spread and devastating to us all. Please ensure you have the proper brush clearance, see Los Angeles Fire Department website for more info (www.lafd.org/brush) and very useful information on fire prevention, emergency preparedness and keeping our canyons safe. The Sepulveda fires should be a warning, do not take anything for granted. Make sure you prevent and prepare!

Currently the Emergency Preparedness Committee needs a Chairperson to head up the important efforts on informing and educating our residents about all the things they can do. If interested, please email Ramin Kolahi at president@beverlyglen.org. The responsibilities are as minimal as monthly Board meetings to as much as one can do to help keep the Glen safe.

Don’t forget to thank your firefighters in Fire Stations 71 and 99 for watching over us.