Meet City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, Tuesday 7/27


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The LAPD West LA Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) is honored to have the Los Angeles City Attorney, Carmen A. Trutanich as our guest speaker on Tuesday, July 27th at the West LA Community Police Station (1663 Butler Ave., LA 90025, west of the 405 and south of Santa Monica Blvd). Refreshments begin at 6:30pm, the meeting begins promptly at 7:00pm. For those you who currently aren’t members you are cordially invited to attend. Come early!!!!

C-PAB is a partnership between LAPD and the community. These meetings bring you up to date on the latest crime trends in our area and let us communicate directly with the area commanding officer and staff as well as the officers who patrol our area. Other items that are discussed are emergency preparedness, traffic and almost anything that deals with public safety. Officer Ray Barron from LAPD community relations will have applications available if you or someone you delegate want to officially join. The WLA C-PAB meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. If there is an item you would like to be placed on the agenda please contact Robert A. Ringler (

Beverly Glen Speedwatch Program – There’s Still Time to Volunteer!


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We are working with LAPD’s community Speedwatch supervisor to train members of our community to use the LAPD’s laser speed gun.  Once trained, we will be able to monitor traffic in small groups.  Speeding drivers will be sent a letter by LAPD informing them that they have been seen speeding in our area.  No tickets will be issued, but other areas with a community speedwatch have reduced the number of speeding cars in their communities through their efforts.  If you would like to volunteer for this activity, please contact Evelyn Alexander at 310-470-3024, or  You will need to complete an LAPD background check before being certified.  We need your help – please help us slow traffic down on Beverly Glen as a Speedwatch volunteer!

Mars Lane/Sandal Lane/Isadora Lane Project Meeting – Update


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Just a friendly reminder, tomorrow at 7:00pm is the special meeting regarding the Mars Lane/Sandal Lane/Isadora Lane proposed project before our regularly scheduled Board meeting at the Les & Dorothy River Community Center.

The applicant has provided us some information in advance so we can all review and be able to have questions ready:

Don’t worry, the applicant will have plenty of copies but do download these to take a look so your prepared.  This will affect those who live nearby and everyone on Beverly Glen so take a minute and attend and please stick around for our regular Board meeting!

Baseline Hillside Ordinance


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Residents of Beverly Glen has been tracking the progress of an important amendment to the Los Angeles Municipal Code – the Baseline Hillside Ordinance. This affects all Glen residents in some fashion as it provides new guidance on the construction and remodeling of residential homes in hillside neighborhoods. For more information, click here.