Thanks to All


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Thanks to all who were able to donate to the efforts of the Mountains and Recreation and Conservation Authority per our prior posting.  We received an update that they were able to receive enough donations to make their payment (in particular thanks to two major donors).

Only obstacles are ensuring the City Council gets the approval through two committees (ITGA on 9/27 and Budget & Finance on 10/4) then to City Council for approval.

We’ll keep you posted!



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As some of you may or may not know, the Mountains Recreation and Conversation Authority (established by Joint Authority in 1985) has been working to acquire (from the City of Los Angeles), 77 lots around the Beverly Glen area to help preserve those open lots.  The MRCA has negotiated with the City to use some of those proceeds to help the MRCA acquire the large undeveloped land by Laurel Canyon and Mulholland to preserve as open space.

The owner of the Laurel Canyon land is looking to sell the land to a developer unless we can raise $40,000 fast to extend the MRCA deadline by TODAY!

Log onto where you can find more information, for both preserving our open land around our community and to prevent development in our neighboring community (which impacts the Glen), it is critical all Beverly Glen residents take time to pay attention to this situation.

Announcing New RoBG Board Members


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At our last RoBG Board meeting this past Monday, I am pleased to announce our two new Board members:

Treasurer – Karen Simonson
Social Chair – Elke Heitmeyer

Karen has been a long time resident and we are fortunate to have such a highly qualified person take care of one of our most important assets, your membership money.  She brings years of law and tax law experience as well as opening up her home this year for the Garden Walk.

Many of you know Elke, who recently did an amazing job chairing the 50th Annual Fair.  After a little arm twisting, she was gracious to volunteer to be Social Chair, which is fantastic for if future events are anything like the Fair, we are in for a treat. Elke will need lots of help so please volunteer to help, whether for one hour or more, it all helps.  Please email her at

Thank you Karen and Elke for volunteering!  Remember everyone, we still have Vice President vacant and we need help with all the amazing things we are hoping to accomplish for you.

If interested in being Vice-President, please email me at

ROBG Board Meeting & Vacant Positions


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A friendly reminder of our upcoming, regularly scheduled Board meeting on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 7:30pm.  All residents (member or non-member) are always welcome as well as all interested parties.

Of significant importance is that we have three vacancies on the Board:

  • Vice President;
  • Treasurer;
  • Social Chair

All three are important positions, they only take up as much as time as your willing to commit.  Please attend, volunteer, even if you can give us 1 hour a month or less, we can use all the help to make this community better.

Project on Caribou Lane


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Please note that RoBG has coordinated a meeting with the owner of the land at 10342 Caribou Lane to discuss their proposed single family home development.  The applicant is requesting relief from code that prohibits development on streets less than 20 feet but no variances on the home size or other conditions.

If you are or know someone who could be impacted by this or are simply interested, the meeting is prior to the regularly schedule RoBG Board meeting:

When: Monday, September 13, 2010, 7pm

Where: Les and Dorothy River Community Center, 10409 Scenario Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90077

If you have any questions, feel free to email