Announcing New RoBG Board Members


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At our last RoBG Board meeting this past Monday, I am pleased to announce our two new Board members:

Treasurer – Karen Simonson
Social Chair – Elke Heitmeyer

Karen has been a long time resident and we are fortunate to have such a highly qualified person take care of one of our most important assets, your membership money.  She brings years of law and tax law experience as well as opening up her home this year for the Garden Walk.

Many of you know Elke, who recently did an amazing job chairing the 50th Annual Fair.  After a little arm twisting, she was gracious to volunteer to be Social Chair, which is fantastic for if future events are anything like the Fair, we are in for a treat. Elke will need lots of help so please volunteer to help, whether for one hour or more, it all helps.  Please email her at

Thank you Karen and Elke for volunteering!  Remember everyone, we still have Vice President vacant and we need help with all the amazing things we are hoping to accomplish for you.

If interested in being Vice-President, please email me at

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I attended the most recent meeting at the LDRCC, and I wanted to iffer a couple of comments.

1. This is not really a complaint, but I just wanted to mention that I prefer having the trash picked up early in the morning rather than later in the day. You probably went to a lot of work to have the pickup time moved later. I’m sorry that I don’t agree with that policy. Having the trash picked up later just creates traffic delays during the day. If it is picked up early we canput the bins away earlier and improve the look of our canyon. That brings me to item 2.

2. I have enjoyed living on Hebron Lane for 36 years, but there is one thing thet really bothers me about our Glen. Many Many of our neighbors leave their trash bins out in the street for many days, or maybe even permanently. This makes our neighborhood look shabby and degrades the quality of life here. Is there anything that can be done? Isn’t there a law about taking in the trash bin the day after trash is picked up. In addition to improving the look of our canyon, I think having the bins put away would do a lot for property values. Where is our pride of ownership?

Those are my thoughts. I thank you for your service to the Glen. I appreciate what you do even when I may not agree with it.

Tino Mingori

PS I usually do agree with it.

Hi Tino,

Thank you for your comments, always great to hear from residents. With regards to the trash bins, it is against code to leave trash bins out for more than one day and one can contact Bureau of Street Services who can inspect and if the bins are left out, they will cite accordingly. During the budget crisis, its harder for them to make it to all calls and we always recommend a friendly conversation with your neighbor to let them know.

Code Enforcement can be contacted at (213) 847-6000. Hope this helps, keep letting us know what you think!

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