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As some of you may or may not know, the Mountains Recreation and Conversation Authority (established by Joint Authority in 1985) has been working to acquire (from the City of Los Angeles), 77 lots around the Beverly Glen area to help preserve those open lots.  The MRCA has negotiated with the City to use some of those proceeds to help the MRCA acquire the large undeveloped land by Laurel Canyon and Mulholland to preserve as open space.

The owner of the Laurel Canyon land is looking to sell the land to a developer unless we can raise $40,000 fast to extend the MRCA deadline by TODAY!

Log onto where you can find more information, for both preserving our open land around our community and to prevent development in our neighboring community (which impacts the Glen), it is critical all Beverly Glen residents take time to pay attention to this situation.

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This seems to be a very complicated transaction, and I wish we had more information before being urged to contribute our own money towards this urgent issue.

It certainly is complicated, the MRCA website has more background information and they would be happy to answer any questions. Additionally, the City Council file can be found here:

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