Code Simplification Workshops


Posted by ROBGWebsite | Posted in Zoning & Development | Posted on 05-11-2010

Due to significant concerns from many community organizations (including RoBG), the City of LA has suspended approval of the Code Simplification Ordinance to have more public workshops

The ordinance is to help simplify the various findings for code modifications. although a good idea in principal, RoBG has concerns about how it can make it easier for developers to get modifications and its conflict with the Baseline Hillside Ordinance.

If you are interested, have concerns or want to express your views, you must attend any one of the three workshops.  You don’t need to stay for all of it but do let the City know what you are thinking.

Public Workshops Schedule

Code Simplification Ordinance

We do our best to keep you informed, up to you to get involved!

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