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Click through to read this notice, very important…

In the last meeting of Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council, our Senior Lead Officer informed us of a rise in construction site and home burglaries in the canyons.  Please read the following notices and refer to the five points of contact with LAPD if you see anything suspicious:

Stay alert, please let ROBG know of any crimes so we can also follow up with LAPD and use the five points of contact!

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Hi All.
This past Wednesday nite between 10pm and 8am Thursday morning, my SuV was “keyed”. I had it parked in front of my home on Beverly Glen Blvd..1800 to be exact. I filed a police report and filed an insurance claim. The damage is approx $2500. Was anyone else’s car keyed or vandalized this week?

I also park outside of my garage. Haven’t seen or heard anything like this so far. Will keep u posted. Good luck. There are crazies out there.

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