The Annual Glen Garden Walk Fast Approaching on April 22nd!


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Spring is in the air and the Glen Gardens are blooming!

We have 4 fabulous properties to visit this year so mark your
calendars and check back for more details.

The plan is to meet for refreshments at 1:30pm at the Les & Dorothy River Community Center (LDRCC), located at 10409 Scenario Lane, corner of Beverly Glen Place, behind the former Four Oaks  and please wear comfortable walking shoes.

If you haven’t paid dues for 2012, please bring cash or a check to renew your annual membership visit us on the web at:

The event is free to current members, their children and guests. $5 per non-member adult.

If you have any questions or need any information please contact Sharalee at
310-967-9025 or email



405 Closure Schedule – 3/23-3/24


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Construction Notice: I-1405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project

Councilmember Paul Koretz and his staff would like to share with you the following construction updates regarding the Mulholland Bridge and the 1-405 San Diego Freeway provided by Metro:


The contractor is scheduled to implement additional full directional freeway closures in order to further construct the falsework structure for the Mulholland Bridge. The falsework structure is designed to facilitate the reconstruction by providing temporary support to the bridge. The directional full freeway closures will be from the 101 freeway to the Getty Center Dr. ramps, weather permitting. Each night, ramps within the freeway closure limits may begin to close as early as 7:00 pm and freeway lanes will begin to close as early as 11:00 pm, leading up to the full directional freeway closure between 1:00 am and 6:00 am.

Anticipated closure schedule:

March 23 – Northbound I-405 freeway from Getty Center Drive to Ventura Blvd. (freeway lanes closures staring at 11:00 pm)

March 24 – Southbound I-405 freeway from the 101 freeway to Getty Center Dr. (freeway lanes closures staring at 11:00 pm)

What: Falsework construction to support the reconstruction of the Mulholland Bridge

When: Full directional freeway closures are anticipated to resume Friday, March 23, 2012, and occur for a total of approximately two nights, weather permitting. Each night, ramps within the freeway closures limits may begin to close as early as 7:00 pm and freeway lanes will begin to close as early as 11:00 pm, leading up to the full directional freeway closure beginning at 1:00 am.

Where: Between the Getty Center Dr. ramps to the 101 freeway

What to expect:

– Sepulveda Blvd. will remain open during the nights of the full directional freeway closures and will be used as a detour route. Detour maps are available at

– Emergency access will be maintained at all times

– For a listing of daily closures and latest updates visit our website at or follow us on twitter: and Facebook at


LA Marathon Street Closure Information


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The LA Marathon is this Sunday, March 18th.

Please be aware of local road closures this Sunday morning (3/18) starting at midnight, and ending throughout the day due to the LA Marathon:

Street Closed From Closed To Time Closed Time Open
 S Santa Monica Blvd Rexford Dr Sepulveda Blvd 5:00AM 1:00PM  
Rodeo Dr Santa Monica Blvd Wilshire Blvd 5:00AM 1:00PM  
Wilshire Blvd Beverly Dr Santa Monica Blvd 5:00AM 1:00PM  
Santa Monica Blvd Wilshire Blvd Sawtelle Blvd 5:00AM 2:04PM  
Sepulveda Blvd S. Santa Monica Blvd Wilshire Ave 5:00AM 2:04PM  
Ohio Ave Veteran Ave Sawtelle Blvd 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Sawtelle Blvd Santa Monica Blvd Dowlen Dr 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Dowlen Dr Bonsall Ave Wadsworth Pl 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Bonsall Ave Dowlen Dr Eisenhower Ave 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Eisenhower Ave Bonsall Ave Bringham Ave 5:00AM 2:20PM  
San Vicente Blvd Wilshire Blvd Ocean Ave 5:00AM 5:00PM  
Ocean Ave San Vicente Blvd Pico Blvd 12:00AM 5:00PM  
Beverly Glen Blvd Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica Blvd 5:00AM 1:50PM  
Westwood Blvd Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica Blvd 5:00AM 2:05PM  
Massachusetts Ave Sepulveda Blvd Cotner Ave 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Barrington Ave Montana Ave Dorothy St 5:00AM 2:40PM  
Montana Ave Bringham Ave Bundy Dr 5:00AM 2:55PM  
Bundy Dr Dunoon Ln Montana Ave 5:00AM 2:55PM  
26th St La Mesa Way Georgina Ave 5:00AM 2:55PM  
Main St Colorado Blvd Olympic Dr 12 Midnight 4:00PM  

For a complete list of road closures please see:



LAPD Burglery Warning


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As we’ve posted before, be aware of anyone posing as a City inspector, DWP worker or anyone claiming they have an appointment or need to enter your home unless you scheduled an appointment.  If unsure, ask for ID and call that department or agency to confirm they have a person visiting your home, better to be embarrassed and safe that let burglars in your home.

Click here for latest warning and if you have seen these people, call the number on the post:

LAPD Burglary Warning

LADWP and LAFD Attending ROBG Meeting


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At the next ROBG meeting, Monday, March 12, 7:30pm, LDRCC, 10409 Scenario Lane, LADWP, LAFD and Council office will send representatives to discuss the following:

  • Road repair on Beverly Glen for water break,
  • Tree canopy clearance on Beverly Glen.

All residents are welcome to attend, please note that while we want everyone to provide their input, please come with very specific notes and recommendations for LADWP and LAFD so that they can take back good input to their respective agencies.  Although we have issues with how things were dealt in the past, the goal is to show them we can provide valuable input on how they should progress to minimize impact to residents.

Of course we also have a full ROBG agenda as usual so need to make sure we get through those.  Feel free to email your recommendations/input if you cannot attend or look forward to seeing you Monday!

Your ROBG at work!



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Apparently LA DWP has decided do close Beverly Glen again, without notice to us or our Councilman’s office.  They expect to be done soon but who knows, so plan accordingly and stay tuned.

This time though, we can’t stay quiet, we ask all residents to call the following numbers and let DWP know how much of an inconvenience this is to our community.  We know we may need Beverly Glen shut down to repair the road but let us know so we can let you all know so you can plan accordingly and for decency’s sake, not on a Friday!

All residents, call:

213.367.1063 – We think this is the Head of Water Service Division’s Office, Joe Castaranto (sp?), also call
1-800-DIAL-DWP, Customer Service

We were patient and understanding last time and impressed upon them through our strongest advocate, our Councilman’s office, to coordinate with us so we can get the word out.  This time, they need to hear from us.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more as well.