To be a part of a committee, find out more information or put in an hour or so here and there, please contact the committee at the emails below.

Community and Government Relations

Residents of Beverly Glen maintains strong ties to various other community and government organizations.  It currently has two Board members who attend monthly Bel Air Beverly Crest Neighborhood Council ( meetings on behalf of the residents to voice your opinion, keep you informed and interact with city, state and other agencies. BABCNC is one of many formal neighborhood councils formed under the city to advise the city in a formal capacity on a variety of issues from safety to zoning to emergency preparedness.  For more information, please visit

Additionally, as part of the Hillside Federation, Residents of Beverly Glen has one representative that attends monthly meetings on behalf of the residents.  Hillside Federation interacts with the city on behalf of all associations in hillside on various hillside issues including safety to zoning.  For more information visit

Emergency Preparedness –

The Emergency Preparedness Committee proactively addresses the safety and security of the entire Glen community by providing residents of the Glen with information and resources to help prepare themselves for natural disasters or times of crisis. In working closely with local fire, police and emergency medical service departments, the committee’s focus is on crisis communication and management, including residence readiness. Be prepared in case of a disaster. Last year a number of Glen individuals went through the Citizen’s Emergency Response Training (CERT) through the Fire Department.

Glenite –

The Glenite keeps the Glen community updated on pertinent news and information throughout the year. It’s the Glen’s homegrown publication, edited and designed by the Glen’s residents. Since its inception in the 1950’s, it has kept the community updated on local news, city policies, emergency preparedness, annual events, new additions to the Glen family and local buzz about who’s back from exotic travels. Recipes, poems, children’s artwork, film reviews and more make each Glenite special and watched for publication. The Glenite is distributed to all Glen residents as a service of Residents of Beverly Glen. We’re always looking for new and interesting stories for The Glenite.

Membership –

It takes a strong voice to be heard, and an even stronger voice to get the community involved. The Membership Committee is the Glen’s voice. Members are encouraged to lend their expertise and time to reach out to the community by participating on the Membership Committee. This committee not only secures new members and retains them, but also serves as a ”Welcome Wagon” for new Residents.  Additionally, a new corporate sponsorship program has been implemented to allow local companies the chance to reach out to residents.

Social –

As the official hosts of the Glen, the Social Planning Committee brings the community together with meet-the-neighbors events, increasing awareness of issues concerning residents, and communicating the Glen’s history through social events. Such events include the Garden Walk, Beverly Glen Fair, Annual General Meeting and Holiday Party. Please e-mail us if you would like more information or volunteer a few hours.

Traffic –

The Traffic Committee works directly with the LA Department of Transportation, the LA Police Department, the councilman’s office, local government elected representatives and other city planning offices to increase safety, reduce traffic volume, control traffic violations and improve the quality of life in the area. This committee relies on input from residents on traffic-related matters. In the past, committee members participated in the “Community SpeedWatch Program,” worked with LADOT to place additional signage, timed the street lights and worked towards a traffic study. Traffic is one of the biggest issues facing the Glen. You can make a difference by reporting erratic and unsafe driving to the Traffic Committee. The Committee will submit a report to the LAPD, which will send a warning letter to the vehicle owner regarding the incident.

Zoning and Development –

Residents who are concerned about planning and building in and around Los Angeles that could affect the Glen, such as the new Westwood mall, can have their voices heard by participating in the Zoning and Development Committee. In becoming actively involved, one can help represent the Glen against the adverse effects of irresponsible planning and development. As a “watchdog” on environmental issues, the committee also monitors building permits.