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Residents of Beverly Glen, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California to:

    • Improve the quality of life in the Beverly Glen community
    • Enhance the safety, appearance and value of homes and home sites in the community
    • Provide the community with an organized means for group discussion, recreation and sociability
    • Control the development of land within the community and in neighboring communities that affect Beverly Glen
    • Control and reduce traffic in the Beverly Glen community
    • Give all residents of the community, owners and renters alike a sense of belonging and continuity by making them aware of the history of Beverly Glen, its present role in the larger LA community, and the problems and possibilities for its future development
    • Take such community action as needed for the accomplishment of the above purposes

Click here to download a membership application form

Become an ROBG member today! If you are new to the Glen or have not renewed your annual membership to the Residents of Beverly Glen, please take a moment to complete and send in the Membership Application on the back of the newsletter. As a new incentive to increase membership, gifts will be given as follows:

      • Single Membership of $30 per year: Resident of Beverly Glen decal
      • Family Membership of $40 per year: Beverly Glen poster
      • Silver Sycamore of $50 per year: 1 Glen Fair T-shirt
      • Golden Oak at $100 per year: 2 Glen Fair T-shirts

The other benefits of membership include FREE entry to all annual events, such as the Annual Meeting, Holiday Party, Garden Walk, Summer Fair, and Wine Tasting! Membership dues help fund these events which allow residents to gather and build community, learn about and contribute to improving the quality of life in The Glen. Currently, approximately 10% of Glen residents are paid members. If you enjoy reading The Glenite, this too is funded by the ROBG. Please help us increase membership and join today!