ROBG To Hold Traffic Forum On June 26, 2014 @ LDRCC From 7:30-9:00 PM


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The Residents of Beverly Glen, Inc. will be holding a Traffic Forum on Thursday, June 26, 2014, from 7:30-9:00pm at the Dorothy and Les River Community Center at 10409 Scenario Lane, 90077.  All residents are encouraged to attend to voice their concerns about traffic-related issues in the Glen and discuss possible solutions.  Captain and Commanding Officer of  the LAPD West Los Angeles Patrol Division, Rolando Solano, is expected to attend.  We hope to see you there.

ROBG Meeting Tonight – Monday, June 9th


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Please join the Residents of Beverly Glen for its regular monthly meeting, tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the LDRCC. The meeting agenda can be found here: ROBG Agenda 6-09-2014

We hope to see you there.

Community Alert! Protect your home from Residential Burglary


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LAPD Badge To Protect and To Serve Los Angeles Skyline

Community Alert!

Protect your home from Residential Burglary. A common MO that has been occurring is suspects who typically knock or ring the doorbell to verify if the resident is home. When there is no answer, the suspects enter the side or rear of the residence and force entry by smashing the window or door glass to gain entry. Suspects are targeting the master bed and bath areas of the home and removing Jewelry and small electronics.

If you are home when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, announce yourself to let them know that someone is home but do not open the door unless you verify who they are and you know the person at the door.

Another Burglary trend that has been occurring is construction thefts and break ins. Items of value being targeted are construction tools, equipment, appliances and building materials. If you observe after hours suspicious activity at a construction site or major remodel location, call 911 immediately!

The Los Angeles Police Department recommends the following tips to help secure your home and harden the target.

  • ALARMS: Ensure that security alarms are in good working order and set when not at home whether leaving for 10 minutes or 10 hours.
  • ALARM RESPONSE: Consider a private patrol alarm response to enhance your current alarm and security system. In many cases private patrols are already contracted in many neighborhoods or associations.
  • SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS: Web based surveillance camera systems will allow homeowners to view and monitor activity from any smartphone or computer which are motion sensor activated and will alert your device when there is activity. They also lend valuable information and clues to the investigation.
  • GATES: Ensure that all gates and access points to the side or rear of the residence are locked and secured.
  • DOOR AND WINDOW LOCKS: Ensure that all doors and windows are locked and secured with sturdy secured locks and that there are second locking mechanisms securing all doors and windows as a second line of defense.
  • MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOU’RE HOME…Even when you’re not.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Monitor suspicious activities in your neighborhood and alert your neighbors. Should the activity escalate to a crime about to occur, crime in progress or crime that just occurred, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!
  • SECURITY PATROLS: Consider after hours on site security at construction sites or major remodel projects. Many neighborhoods contract with private security patrols which monitor neighborhoods and can quickly respond to burglar alarm activations or reports of suspicious activity when they occur.

You may access the crime mapping feature listed below on a day to day basis to obtain up to date crime information for your area or any other area in the city.

To sign up for E-Policing, simply go to the E-Policing link below and enter your address and your email address. You will receive crime updates and Community Alert information from the Los Angeles Police Department. You may also view recent crimes that have occurred in the area on the LAPD website. To receive text alerts when critical information is sent, sign up for Nixle. Feel free to print this out or share this information.

NON-EMERGENCY: 1-877-275-5273
All other City Services: 311

LAPD Website
Crime Statistics and Maps

Christopher Ragsdale
Senior Lead Officer
West Los Angeles Community Police Station
Office: 310-444-0741
Cell: 213-305-5895