Kids’ Korner

Introducing the new Kids’ Korner!

We will occasionally feature stories from the kids in the Beverly Glen community.  Have a story that you would like to share?  Submit your stories to the Glenite by email us at:

Josie Arnold has contributed an account of her adventures hiking in the Tinaja Altas. Josie has lived in the Glen all of her life, along with her parents (Peter and Hadley) and three dogs. She wrote this story when she was 10 years old; she is now 11 (soon to be 12) and is in the 6th grade at Walter Reed Middle School. A portion of her story appears in the latest version of the Glenite with the full story printed here.

Tinaja Altas by Josie Arnold

I quite recently went with my dad and twelve college students on a road trip through the southwest to look at water scarcity and arid lands. One of our many stops along the way to our final destination which is Dixon, NM, is a place called the Tinaja Altas. The Tinaja Altas are natural occurring ponds in the side of a cliff in the middle of the desert. Because of this many big horn sheep live there. Read More