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Thanks to all residents for updates, seems Beverly Glen is open all the way through, I would still give yourselves time to get home, it is Friday after all.

We’ll monitor what work will need to be done and keep you all posted.

ROAD CLOSURE – Water Break Repaving


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As some know, looks like Beverly Glen is closed from Sunset to Nicada, information is scarce and fluid but make necessary plans to use Benedict Canyon if necessary, we will continue updating and have contacted the Councilman’s office who is contacting DWP, who is coordinating the work with a private contractor.

We are very upset about lack of coordinate with DWP and will communicate that effectively on behalf of all residents.  For now, coordinate as best as you can and make plans for afternoon drives.

Stay tuned, updated will be posted as we know.

Water Main Break – UPDATE


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As all of you know, water has been restored to our homes and Beverly Glen is open again.  Thank you to the many who submitted updates and information.

Our Councilman’s office was working on this through the weekend and we received updates regularly, we will be working with them to determine when they can come to repair Beverly Glen.

If you get a chance, let our Councilman’s office know how much you appreciate their efforts, 310-289-0353.  Also, let DWP know for those guys were out late.

As follow up, some notes:

  • Be aware of the trench plate on Beverly Glen, drive slowly over it for it can damage your tires,
  • Perhaps a little late but for future reference (from resident Tom P.), flush lines from hose bib or bathtub in situations like this to avoid damaging your valves in sinks and other areas of water supply,
  • Another great example of being prepared, this was just a short time out of water, imagine an earthquake with not water or power for days, BE PREPARED!!!
  • For those interested, some pictures (courtesy of Brad Elterman/BuzzFoto LLC):

Water Main Break at Corfu Lane – Update


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As an update to the earlier post, according to the Council’s office, DWP estimates repair of the water main to be completed at 10:00pm.

As with all estimates, it is an estimate only, there is a chance of not water overnight, if so, please make alternative plans if you must have water overnight.  DWP is working diligently and our Councilman’s office is applying pressure and monitoring the situation.

There may be a chance of road closures after repair due to road safety so be aware.

We will post updates as they become available, as our Emergency Preparedness chair will tell you, we only have one way in and one way out so be prepared.

Water Main Break at Corfu Lane


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There’s been a water main break at No. Beverly Glen & Corfu Lane.

DWP is already working on this and Councilman Koretz’s office knows about it.  Do not drive south on the Glen if you can avoid it (if you are north of Corfu) and the same goes for North, if you live south of Corfu).  We will do our best to keep you updated on this problem.

Budget Survey


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Want to tell the Mayor where to prioritize the City budget?

Then log onto and fill out the easy survey.