Community Center


Les River (1902-1981) helped to originate the Residents of Beverly Glen, the Glen Democratic Club and the Community Center. He was an author, activist and advocate who worked through city agencies and the courts to force developers to reduce hillside density. He was a seaman, novelist, screenwriter, grass roots politician and chairman of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee. It was Les’ dream to have our own community center and he worked tirelessly to make it happen.

Dorothy River was always active in the Glen. She was interested in political issues and started both the Democratic Club and Town Hall Meetings at the Center, where ballot measures and candidates are discussed before elections. She often delivered flyers by herself to mailboxes throughout the community. Dorothy was a permanent member of the Center board, where she raised funds with a raffle at the June Fair every year, until she died in 2007.

Beverly Glen was fortunate when the Rivers moved in, a caring couple who did as much as anyone in its history to preserve the unique canyon life we enjoy today. In 1942 they settled in an historic Lloyd Wright “mountain cabin” at 1756 N. Beverly Glen Boulevard. In 1947 they were part of a homeowner’s group that started meeting in each other’s homes, whose goals included building a community center. They formed committees, created annual social events, and evolved into the Residents of Beverly Glen, Inc., which Les served continuously, taking on zoning and traffic issues that threatened our quality of life. His efforts in the case of Kohlman vs. City of Los Angeles led to the “slope density” formula, which today limits development of hillside new construction city-wide. For over eight years, he led the fight we won against the developers of Beverly Glen Park and Glen shopping center in the north end of the Glen.

Ironically, Les died just before the Center was purchased in 1981, when Playgroup moved in as the permanent weekday tenant. Today the LDRCC is managed by a Board of Directors independent of the Residents of Beverly Glen. Next time you visit the Center, look for the Les River display next to the magnificent “river stone” hearth and you’ll see a bit of Glen history.


Available for rent $ 50 evenings and weekends

It’s a superb location at 10409 Scenario Lane — the perfect setting for adults or children’s group activities, classes, discussion groups, meetings, birthday parties, rehearsals, seminars, exercise sessions, etc. The Center can accommodate up to 40 people indoors, more outdoors with:

  • Large, comfortable main room with stone hearth and fireplace
  • Children’s outdoor play apparatus, swings, wooden train, etc. in a spacious yard
  • Outdoor patio area with shade trees
  • Chairs (both adult and kiddie size)
  • Some kitchen facilities (no stove)
  • Parking on Beverly Glen Place or Blvd. only (no parking on Scenario Lane permitted)
  • Discounts available for multiple use

To schedule the LDRCC for your event, contact