Native Plants


Wild Oak Tree

The following is a list of plant species native to the Santa Monica Mountains area. These species are encouraged to be utilized in landscape design. However, some these species are not appropriate for use with the Fuel Modification Zones A and B due to their level of flammability. Ornamental species, not included on the invasive species list, may be utilized in the irrigated zones around habitable structures. Click here to download the document.

Oak Tree planted by
John Churchman, 1976

The oak tree is native to the Beverly Glen canyon. If you have one or more oaks on your property, you should maintain them, as they are growing scarce. The Los Angeles Fire Department has a document on the care and maintenance of oak trees. Of particular interest is page 3 which has a very good illustration of the protected zone of the oak tree.

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The following useful link talks about brush clearance, a key part of living in Beverly Glen.