Inaugural Speedwatch Results


Posted by Traffic | Posted in Speedwatch Program, Traffic | Posted on 05-10-2011

Coming full circle, Residents of Beverly Glen resurrected a program from 12 years ago where resident volunteers logged speeds of those violating our speed limits on Beverly Glen.  With a quick training session with LAPD, RoBG was provided a radar gun and the training to log speed violators who then receive warning letters from LAPD.  Repeat offenders may get a personal visit from LAPD at their home, as was done in the Palisades Highlands.

Whether its a commuter or resident, no one has the right to drive unsafely in our neighborhood.  If your concerned about the unsafe speeds on Beverly Glen, contact to volunteer for our Speedwatch team, all it takes a 1 hour a month to make a big difference to let drivers know they are being watched, Speedwatched!

Here are the results:

Speed Time
45 1:50
45 1:53
40 1:58
40 2:00
40 2:01
40 2:02
41 2:06
41 2:07
48 2:10
40 2:19

Beverly Glen Speedwatch Program – There’s Still Time to Volunteer!


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We are working with LAPD’s community Speedwatch supervisor to train members of our community to use the LAPD’s laser speed gun.  Once trained, we will be able to monitor traffic in small groups.  Speeding drivers will be sent a letter by LAPD informing them that they have been seen speeding in our area.  No tickets will be issued, but other areas with a community speedwatch have reduced the number of speeding cars in their communities through their efforts.  If you would like to volunteer for this activity, please contact Evelyn Alexander at 310-470-3024, or  You will need to complete an LAPD background check before being certified.  We need your help – please help us slow traffic down on Beverly Glen as a Speedwatch volunteer!