Help Calm Traffic!

Beverly Glen neighbors – you can help us calm traffic down in our community! Call 213-473-0222. Call it every time you see people driving at an excessive speed (over 40). Call it when you see someone run a red light at Greendale, or Crater, or Beverly Glen Place. Call it when you see an impatient driver go around people waiting at those lights. 213-473-0222 is the community traffic line, and a police officer who answers that line will log your call. The LAPD tracks where complaints are coming from, and your complaint will help to ensure that LAPD knows that Beverly Glen is an area of concern to many residents.

Please feel free to give this phone number out to your neighbors and tell them to call whenever they see reckless or dangerous driving in our neighborhood. You do not have to report specific vehicles or track license plate numbers, just let them know that you have witnessed a problem and you are concerned about it.

Thank you for helping us make Beverly Glen safer!

We all know that traffic is an important issue in our Beverly Glen community. The traffic committee is here to give Beverly Glen residents an opportunity to make our community safer, working with each other and with city officials.


LOS ANGELES (Jan 29, 2009)-The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) will begin on Monday, February 2nd, an initiative that will assign Traffic Officers to every area of the City based on a ‘geographical beat’ instead of basing deployment of personnel on where ‘posted regulations’ are. This will benefit all neighborhoods by ensuring they receive appropriate enforcement of parking regulations and ordinances.

“We want to improve the quality of life for all City stakeholders by having Traffic Officers assigned to every geographical area in the City limits, instead of just in the ‘high traffic’ areas where the majority of parking violations occur” said Rita L. Robinson, General Manager, LADOT.

Previously, LADOT concentrated its limited resources on areas with high violation occurrences. Now, in addition to those locations, Traffic Officers will be dedicated to other geographical areas so that neighborhood issues such as abandoned vehicles, time limit infractions and oversize vehicle parking violators, etc., will be cited on a regular basis.

Beginning Monday, residents or businesses may call the LADOT 24/7 communications center at 213 485-4184, pressing ‘option 2’ or 818 752-5100, pressing ‘option 2’ also, to speak with an operator who will assist with dispatching a traffic officer to respond to the location.

“Service delivery will be improved by responding to radio calls on a faster basis. Our professional Traffic Officers stand ready to enforce parking restrictions and safety violations in all City of Los Angeles neighborhoods” said Jimmy Price, Chief of Parking Enforcement. Area commuters can visit for real-time traffic information.

Real-time traffic reports are a product of LADOT, innovators of Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control System (ATSAC) technology. LADOT is dedicated to moving Los Angeles forward as quickly and safely as possible. Drivers, bus riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians are encouraged to visit LADOT’s web site at: for information about DASH, Commuter Express, bicycling in the city, and an array of transportation services.


PLEASE HELP! Our goal is to get any and all annoying potholes filled as soon as possible. It will be a challenge with the budget restraints of the city, but we will try. Call 311 and ask for Street Services or call (800) 996 – CITY (2489). You can also create a service ticket at The Bureau of Street Services site is After your request, e-mail with a copy of the form, so that we will all have a record of which streets have been requested. It will just take a few moments of your time and it will help all of us immensely.