LAPD West Bureau Traffic Committee Meeting Tomorrow 4/9/10 8:30am


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Traffic Committee Agenda 6-9-10Reminder LAPD West Bureau Traffic Committee Mtg. 6-9-10

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Dear Traffic Commitee

I have noticed that there are signs at the south entrance to Roscomare Rd that states that it is for local access only. Can we as residents of Beverly Glen in light of all of the traffic problems get the same signage. In fact. Roscomare in addition has speed bumps which slows the traffic. Speed bumps would help too.
Why are we treated as a freeway and Roscomare gets special treatment?
Thanks for your consideration snd response.

Bob Kollender

Hi Robert,

Great question, it has to do with the fact that Beverly Glen is classified as a Secondary Highway where Roscomare is classifieda as a Collector street. That prevents any speed bumps and limiting its use.

However, one thing our Traffic Committee has worked hard on is limiting commercial traffic on Beverly Glen. We’ve been able to get enforcement and cooperation from local businesses and school in that effort.

We always welcome comments and especially welcome more help, as you may know, we are working on a Speedwatch Program where residents are trained in logging speed after which LAPD will issue warning letters.

For that or any other information about traffic, please email Thank you for your comment and hopefully you’ll help us in reducing traffic and speeding on Beverly Glen.

I passed by Roscomare today and I don’t think that is an “official” sign.

That is a great point Joel, thank you for commenting on that issue.

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