Protestors – What To Do, Who To Call


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Many Glenites have recently noticed many organized protestors on the Glen the past several weekends.  As all of us respect freedom of speech, we also respect privacy.  RoBG inquired with West LAPD on what residents can do when protestors are on the Glen.


The protests we have seen stem from one main issue, animal testing.  For the Glen, it has to do with either testing done at UCLA and staff that live in the Glen associated with animal testing or private companies (unrelated to UCLA) that perform animal testing and protestors protest people who work for companies associated with the private companies, that live in the Glen.


As the vast majority of protestors generally try to be peaceful, there are still some that can turn violent.  In this, DO NOT attempt to confront or deal with the protestors yourselves.


Depending if the individual they are protesting is with UCLA or not, determines who you call.  If you do not know, contact LAPD first.

West LAPD Non-Emergency Dispatch – 1-877-275-5273

West LAPD Watch Commander – 310-444-0701, press 0 and ask for the Watch Commander

UCLA PD – 310-825-1491

Additional contact information for LAPD can be found at our prior post on this,

Lastly, if you are at home, stay inside, let LAPD or UCLA PD handle the situation and if appropriate, note any suspect activity to report to the police when they respond.

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