2011 Glen Fair Arts and Crafts Application


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2011 Glen Fair Arts and Crafts Application

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Hi – was curious about the art show in June and wanted to see what is entailed re participation. Thanks!
My work can be viewed on Facebook – The Magic Bean Company (artist and or group pages) and on the Etsy link posted above. thanks!

Lainey Hashorva

You just need to complete the application available online at http://beverlyglen.org/2011/04/12/want-to-sell-you-art-or-other-wares-at-the-fair/.

Feel free to contact Rhoda with any questions, excited to have you in the Fair.


My name is Clara Jacobs and I create handmade kniwear for babies and kids. My clothes are fun, funky, chic and unique and they are known as the Funky Gavroche brand. I use only organic, soft yarn perfect for the gentle skin of our little ones.
I’d love to be a part of the Beverly Glen fair and share my creations with the world.
Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Clara Jacobs
310 6137147

Hi Clara,

Thanks for your comment, we have forwarded your comment to the chair of our Fair committee and the person responsible for the arts & crafts, should hear from them soon. If not, they can be reached at fair@beverlyglen.org and rholabird@roadrunner.com.

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