Would You Believe It? More 405 Closure Weekend Info!


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Below is a big long message from Metro, which is coordinating all efforts related to the closure of the 405 this weekend.  You can read the whole schmageggy, but I will summarize it for you here:  There will be extra LAPD and LAFD officers stationed at Fire Station 99, just east of BG at Mulholland.  Apparently 71 (at Sunset) will not have additional staffing.

If you have an EMERGENCY this coming weekend, please dial 9-1-1 as usual.  If you have a non-emergency, you can call 3-1-1 or 877-ASK-LAPD.  There is no special non-emergency number being staffed for this event.  The Metro 405 project hotline mentioned in the blurb below is a voice mail only number – feel free to call and leave a message if you have a question.

The attachment at the bottom is a press release from LA Fire Dept basically gives you a longer version of the above.

Here’s the longer version from an e-mail from Metro’s 405 project manager:

“Some of you requested a special number where you can call to report traffic and other emergencies over the 405 closure weekend.  I’d like to report back that the 405 project team brought your concerns and requests directly to the Unified Command  regarding a special number for emergencies, as it is under their jurisdiction.  The Unified Command gave serious consideration to the requests and in the end based their decisions solely on the safety  and security  of all residents and commuters during the weekend closure.  The Unified Command is doing everything they can to protect the safety of all of the citizens of Los Angeles.

The Unified Command decided not to provide the public a special call to number.  They believe it’s best that  ALL  emergency calls (medical, traffic or other)  should be placed to 911.  911 has special capabilities that a 1-800 # would not.  If a call is dropped, 911 has the ability to trace the call and send responders to that location.   911 automatically records and monitors every call.  911 dispatchers are trained to provide critical pre-arrival instructions, such as CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver.   911  is set up to directly communicate with the Unified Command to alert them to police, medical , fire or traffic related emergencies allowing each agency to respond as necessary.  Some of you have expressed concern that the 911 system can be overloaded.  It has been confirmed that there is no chance of an overload to the system occurring and there will be additional resources staffing 911 over the weekend.

Keep in mind that the Unified Command will have set up 13 satellite divisions throughout the area for the weekend.  These will be fixed posts and will have personnel from police, fire and traffic ready to respond.  The locations of these have not been made public as part of their plan.  However, they will cover areas north, south, east and west of the bridge.

The Unified Command will be located at a central location in the City of Los Angeles’ Emergency Operation Center (translation from bureaucratese:  in City Hall).  They will have direct contact to emergency responders and also to hundreds of traffic control officers located around the closure and detour areas.  Trained engineers and signal experts will also be on the ground to make changes to signals when necessary.  The Unified Command will also have access to thousands of signal cameras throughout the City which will enable them to make decisions at a moment’s notice.  Technical engineers will also be working at the Caltrans Traffic Management Center monitoring conditions on regional freeways.  It is worthy of noting that there will be regularly scheduled media briefings throughout the weekend and so the public will not be without critical information.  If you are interested in following the details, your best bet for doing so is to follow up us on Twitter.com/i_405 or tune in to KNX 1070 AM.

For real time traffic conditions, the public is encouraged to call 511 or visit Go511.com.  For City related issues, the public can call 311 .  Extra personnel will be on hand during the weekend closure with extended hours.  311 will be operational from 8:00am to 10:00pm from Friday, July 15 through Sunday, July 17.  People in the County can call 211.   The 405 project hotline, (213) 922-3665, will also be checked regularly throughout the weekend (again – this is a voice mail number only – no human will pick up at this number).  The hotline will not handle emergency situations or provide directions, but will be made available for other questions and concerns.”

405 Closure Fire Dept. Release 0711

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