Inaugural Speedwatch Results


Posted by Traffic | Posted in Speedwatch Program, Traffic | Posted on 05-10-2011

Coming full circle, Residents of Beverly Glen resurrected a program from 12 years ago where resident volunteers logged speeds of those violating our speed limits on Beverly Glen.  With a quick training session with LAPD, RoBG was provided a radar gun and the training to log speed violators who then receive warning letters from LAPD.  Repeat offenders may get a personal visit from LAPD at their home, as was done in the Palisades Highlands.

Whether its a commuter or resident, no one has the right to drive unsafely in our neighborhood.  If your concerned about the unsafe speeds on Beverly Glen, contact to volunteer for our Speedwatch team, all it takes a 1 hour a month to make a big difference to let drivers know they are being watched, Speedwatched!

Here are the results:

Speed Time
45 1:50
45 1:53
40 1:58
40 2:00
40 2:01
40 2:02
41 2:06
41 2:07
48 2:10
40 2:19

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How can we get police support to slow down the traffic, especially at the signal at Beverly Glen Place. Drivers block the intersection during early morning commute and go down the hill at 50 mph, many stopping half way through the intersection. Can we hire our own department taking funds from the WLA dept to get action. It is unsafe for us in the glen and our police support is dismal. Diane Donatelli

Diane – We need Beverly Glen residents to CALL LAPD at 213-473-0222 and tell them we need more speed enforcement. There are only a few motorcycle officers who patrol the westside for speed, and they are only in our area occasionally. LAPD responds to excessive speed problem areas based on the complaints they receive. Call LAPD and get everyone in the Glen you know to do the same. The more they hear from us, the more likely they will be to show up and enforce. (and no, we cannot hire our own speed enforcement police – but you can volunteer for speedwatch if you want!)

Why not install speed bumps throughout residential areas (or some other measure) to improve safety?

Hi Terry – Because Beverly Glen is classified as a reliever street to the 405 freeway, LADOT will not install any additional flow control devices, including stop signs, speed humps or bumps, or traffic lights along our thoroughfare. Though we desperately need additional traffic control, LAPD has told us it is not safe for them to patrol here. The best we can do for our needs is to continue to call LAPD REGULARLY – as frequently as you are willing to call – 213-473-0222 and tell them we need speed enforcement.

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