Water Main Break at Corfu Lane – Update


Posted by ROBGWebsite | Posted in Community Messages, Emergency Preparedness | Posted on 17-02-2012

As an update to the earlier post, according to the Council’s office, DWP estimates repair of the water main to be completed at 10:00pm.

As with all estimates, it is an estimate only, there is a chance of not water overnight, if so, please make alternative plans if you must have water overnight.¬† DWP is working diligently and our Councilman’s office is applying pressure and monitoring the situation.

There may be a chance of road closures after repair due to road safety so be aware.

We will post updates as they become available, as our Emergency Preparedness chair will tell you, we only have one way in and one way out so be prepared.

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Does this mean I get a deduction on my property taxes, since they didn’t go anywhere!?

While the repair is complete, the metal coverings have been poorly placed on the street surface. There is one wicked corner of the plate sticking up about an inch and could impale someone’s tire. Or a driver could swerve to avoid the edge and plow into oncoming traffic.

If there is some way to bring this hazard to the attention of the DWP, maybe they could actually find a contractor who understands street paving.

At least the city has been warned.

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