Water Main Break at Corfu Lane


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There’s been a water main break at No. Beverly Glen & Corfu Lane.

DWP is already working on this and Councilman Koretz’s office knows about it.  Do not drive south on the Glen if you can avoid it (if you are north of Corfu) and the same goes for North, if you live south of Corfu).  We will do our best to keep you updated on this problem.

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Hi Traffic Committee of Beverly Glen:

My neighbors and I in the 1600 Block worked hard to get the corner just south of Corfu re-engineered and re-surfaced in 2003. At that time, the geometry, slope and surface of the curve were contributing to accidents with shocking predictability every time it rained.

Our efforts resulted in new grading, new signage, BOT dots, and very, very importantly, a higher-traction asphalt. The results were quite positive: a dramatic reduction in car accidents, esp. in the rain.

We worked closely with Mohammed Mohammad Blorfroshan of Dept. of Transportation; Fortuna Ippoliti of then-councilman Jack Weiss’s Office; Ron Olive of Bureau of Street Services and of course our friends and neighbors including Robert Ringler.

To those Glen Residents working with the councilman’s office to repair the damage done by the broken water main—-Please note: All repairs should meet or exceed the traffic-calming specifications of the 2003 repairs—slope, signage, striping and BOT dots, and, very importantly, the asphalt mix.

Let me know if you have any questions—I’ll do my best to pull up the old records, as necessary.

Thank you,

Hadley Arnold

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