LA Marathon Street Closure Information


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The LA Marathon is this Sunday, March 18th.

Please be aware of local road closures this Sunday morning (3/18) starting at midnight, and ending throughout the day due to the LA Marathon:

Street Closed From Closed To Time Closed Time Open
¬†S Santa Monica Blvd Rexford Dr Sepulveda Blvd 5:00AM 1:00PM  
Rodeo Dr Santa Monica Blvd Wilshire Blvd 5:00AM 1:00PM  
Wilshire Blvd Beverly Dr Santa Monica Blvd 5:00AM 1:00PM  
Santa Monica Blvd Wilshire Blvd Sawtelle Blvd 5:00AM 2:04PM  
Sepulveda Blvd S. Santa Monica Blvd Wilshire Ave 5:00AM 2:04PM  
Ohio Ave Veteran Ave Sawtelle Blvd 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Sawtelle Blvd Santa Monica Blvd Dowlen Dr 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Dowlen Dr Bonsall Ave Wadsworth Pl 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Bonsall Ave Dowlen Dr Eisenhower Ave 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Eisenhower Ave Bonsall Ave Bringham Ave 5:00AM 2:20PM  
San Vicente Blvd Wilshire Blvd Ocean Ave 5:00AM 5:00PM  
Ocean Ave San Vicente Blvd Pico Blvd 12:00AM 5:00PM  
Beverly Glen Blvd Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica Blvd 5:00AM 1:50PM  
Westwood Blvd Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica Blvd 5:00AM 2:05PM  
Massachusetts Ave Sepulveda Blvd Cotner Ave 5:00AM 2:20PM  
Barrington Ave Montana Ave Dorothy St 5:00AM 2:40PM  
Montana Ave Bringham Ave Bundy Dr 5:00AM 2:55PM  
Bundy Dr Dunoon Ln Montana Ave 5:00AM 2:55PM  
26th St La Mesa Way Georgina Ave 5:00AM 2:55PM  
Main St Colorado Blvd Olympic Dr 12 Midnight 4:00PM  

For a complete list of road closures please see:



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