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Please be on the lookout for the woman and car in these photos.  She was seen getting out of her car and walking up the 900-1100 block of Beverly Glen Blvd on the morning of Wed, Nov 14th, stopping at mailboxes along the way and emptying the contents into her bag.

This incident has been reported to the Postal Inspector but should you see you her, any other suspicious activity or a crime in progress, please dial 911.

If you have any information regarding this crime or feel that you may have been a victim, please go to www.usps.com/postalinspectors or call (877) 876-2455, press option #3 and enter your zip code to be connected to the Postal Inspector for our area.

Thank you for your help in keeping our neighborhood safe.

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If those are her license plates, the police should have no problem tracking her down.

Did you call LAPD? eye witness plus license plate, and person picture should help them a lot.
Did the residents that live at those addresses get notified?

Very helpful piece. thank you to the person who took the pictures.
Can the police follow up when they have a license plate on a car?

why don’t you guys show the photo of her car? it looks like it’s a toyota from the photo. can’t the police find her from her license plate?

We were only given the photo of the front of the car with the license plate, not the entire car but it is indeed a Toyota. A police report has been filed with the photos as well as the contact info for the eye witness. Fingers crossed she will be apprehended quickly but, in the mean time, we wanted to alert the neighbors so everyone can be on the lookout.

This is an ongoing problem throughout the neighborhood.
Someone for the last several weeks has been going around emptying out much of our mail on/off Beverly Glen. It has occurred three times at least that I have attempted to report. I have contacted the postal inspector, but as I understand they have not taken action at this time and are unresponsive on the phone. This is not a one-time incident; someone is using a general postoffice box key to empty-out all mailboxes in a consistent manner in our neighborhood.

I don’t live in the Glen anymore but maybe you guys can get a local mailbox company like this

to attend your next meeting and offer a neighborhood discount to residents/members who want to buy secure mailboxes. I don’t know their prices but most locking mailboxes are about 100 bucks…well worth the price of not losing valuable mail or your credit/identity.

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