Dog Running on N Beverly Glen Blvd Now


Posted by Social | Posted in Community Messages | Posted on 11-12-2013

Good evening residents,

There is a large short haired dog running on the street in the vicinity of the 2400 block of N Beverly Glen Blvd.

No other details or pictures are available but it almost got hit by a local resident.

Kindest regards,




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There has been a caucasian man maybe 30 years old, standing in front of the little market on the glen for quite a few hours. He is wearing a dark blue suit, dress shoes, and little earbuds over his ears. His face seems sunburnt and he seems rather thin. He appears to be a little over 6 feet tall. He has been asked to leave by those at the market. He does not say anything but does walk away. However he keeps coming back. Someone did call the police, but they have not arrived. Just wanted to keep everyone aware.

Yes, we inquired with our Senior Lead Officer at LAPD, they have talked to him, family is aware and seeking mental health assistance.

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